Put Your Music On Apple Music

How To Put Music On Apple Music

Step 1: Pay your $100 membership fee to ADED.US Music Distribution

Tip: When you pay $100 for The Ultimate Package, you actually get 12 music distribution credits. This means that you can distribute 12 separate music releases for one payment of $100. You can't beat that price!

Step 2: Format your music files according to Apple Music's specs. Don't worry, ADED Distribution will tell you the exact specs

Tip: Your album cover art should be exactly 3000 x 3000 pixels in size and it should have a resolution of 300 dpi/ppi

Step 3: Upload and/or share your files to the ADED.US Music Distribution staff. They have their own MediaFire DropBox that you can use to upload your music directly to them. However, if you've already uploaded your files to one of their preferred file hosting sites (like Google Drive, ZippyShare, or DropBox) then you can simply 'share' those files to makellbird@gmail.com.

Step 4: Fill out the 3 submission forms. These 3 forms help ADED.US and Apple Music gather your (1) Client/Artist Level Info (2) Album Level Info and (3) Track Level Info. This information is essential to establishing you as an independent distributing label.

Click here to upload your music to Apple Music