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ADEDistribution is now ADED.US Music Distribution

How To Get Your Music Placed Into The Biggest And Best Digital Stores And Apps.

Step 1/5
Become a Distributing Label by partnering with ADED.US Music Distribution.

A regular person can't upload their music to most of the digital music stores and apps because these brands only deal with other large brands. So, you will need an aggregator with preexisting contracts and connections (like ADED.US Music Distribution) to vouch for you. 
You will need: 

  1. A UPC-A (barcode) for your album
  2. ISRC (tracking codes) for each song on your album
  3. An Official Catalog Number
Luckily, ADED.US Music Distribution gives you all 3 of those things for free upon sign up.

You basically have 3 options for membership:
  1. $5 a month ($60 a year)
  2. $45 a year (save $15)
  3. $100 a year (get EVERYTHING)... They call this the Ultimate Package

Step 2/5
Properly Formatting Your Files

Watch the following video before you proceed so that you know how to properly prepare your files for distribution. Make sure your pop-up/ad blocker is turned off before clicking play.

Preferred formats
Album cover: 2400x2400 pixels in size (square) / 300 dpi (ppi) / JPG
Artist image: 600x600 pixels in size (square) / 300 dpi (ppi) / JPG
Audio Files (one of the following):
  • WAV / 16 bit / 44100 bps (44.1 kbps)
  • MP3 / CBR / 320 kbps 
  • AIFF / 16 bit / 44100 bps (44.1 kbps)
  • FLAC / 16 bit
  • M4A / ALAC (Apple/iTunes Lossless)
Note: If you do not submit your material in one of these EXACT formats (as listed above), it may take longer to see your material in stores. No matter what, your material must be in these formats, even if that means we have to reformat your material to the correct specs. for you. This, in turn, means that you are making our job of processing your material harder. Longer processing times for us equal longer waits for you to see your music in the various stores.

Step 3/5
Uploading Your Music

Option 1/2
You can use ADED.US Music Distribution's MediaFire FileDrop on their site to upload your large (wav/flac/aiff/apple lossless) files or your zip file (mp3/m4a/mp4)

Option 2/2
Picking a File Hosting Service and sharing your zip file

Google Drive is a good way for you to send us your zip file. We also use Google Drive to send you your royalty statements (spreadsheets) later.
You can also share your zip file to the e-mail addresses above from,,,,,,, or just about any file sharing site that allows others to download files from you. There will be a section in the form below for you to input the direct link to your zip file as well.

Click the button above to go to ZippyShare is a great site to use if you want to upload your zip file to us. You don't even have to create an account there to use them, although creating an account with them would help you keep track of your files better. You can upload files up to 200mb in size there. The files are active for 30 days, giving ADEDistribution plenty of time to retrieve your zip file. If your zip files are larger than 200mb, you can just upload each song one at a time. Just upload your file(s) to them and copy the link to it afterwards. You can then e-mail the link to us or simply paste it in the submission form below!

Step 5/5
Filling out the Submission form

Click the button below to go to the submission form. It should open up in another tab/window. If it doesn't open, turn off your pop-up/ad blocker and try again. Once you fill out the form and click the submit button, you will see a confirmation message. If you have any questions or concerns just e-mail and one of our reps will get back to you ASAP.